Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds

Multiple masonry tasks require to fix while maintaining a chimney, such as substituting each piece of stone or brick, scratching, or filling the mortar joints to obtain a strengthened and even surface inside the chimneys, and similar other alterations. Timberwolves roofing & exteriors is capable of selecting the most appropriate mortar color that best suits the previous mortar tone.

Sometimes there is a requirement of either replacing or repairing the chimneys cap in order to prevent the moisture penetration through the comprised brick courses. The cap of the chimneys should be designed in a way that it sheds the water downwards and prevent the entry of water or debris inside the chimneys. The caps are made of cement either in the form of precast concrete and then installed over chimneys or these caps are made at the spot while placed over chimneys



A cost-effective choice technique of repairing the chimneys is the tuckpointing in which the chimney is protected by refilling the damaged portion or mortar joints. The technique is one of the most practical ways of repairing chimneys, especially if the damage is located on the upper side of the chimney. In case the chimney has got damaged from the foundation and leading towards chimney leaning due to excessive corrosion at the base, then it is suggested to rebuild the entire portion of the chimney above the roof because chimney tilting is a major issue. 

To rebuild the chimneys the bricks have to be removed from below the roof grade and then building up the chimney with bricks of the same type, followed by the installation of a precast chimney cap made up of concrete, over the top of the chimney. Moreover, it is suggested to install the new exhaust pipe inside the chimney, particularly if the chimney is installed in a home kitchen or on the fireplace. The chimneys exhaust pipe can be preserved from the entry of any insects of water by installing a metal as well as a water screening hood. The Timberwolves roofing & exteriors offers multiple benefits including the metal flashing of different sizes in order to make the chimney bases waterproof. The metal flashing is installed by

Timberwolves roofing & exteriors and we guarantee that if the chimney has been rebuilt properly then it will last for decades with full functions.

Different factors affect the total expenses of the chimney’s buildup including roof pitch, access to the building, and the chimney size. The clients must be aware of the reliable masonry contractors so that their work must be done with complete safety and with the highest quality. The contractors must be verified and skilled enough to provide the best work. Timberwolves roofing & exteriors has worked over a lot of projects including commercial buildings as well as traditional heritage buildings of various artistic designs in different states such as Toronto and GTA. This shows that Timberwolves roofing & exteriors can present a wide range of sample projects in your surroundings. Interested clients can refer to Homestars. You can get an estimate for your project by contacting us (833)-703-0882 and our skilled and experienced masonry experts will provide you a detailed explanations


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