Common Causes of Roof Leaks and what you should do about them

Roof leaks are the worst of the repair issues for any owner of a home. A punctured roof layer, missing shingles, or clogged gutters can be the source of water into the walls. A lot of damage much further from the source can be caused once the water leaks and the source become challenging to detect. 

The smallest of drips may indicate significant water damage problems which may get uncontrollable. Don’t ignore small leaks. Problems like damage to ceilings and walls, mould removal, and need for new insulation may arise with small leaks.  

Keep an eye for any small leaks. Here we mention 10 common causes which may lead to leaks in roofs and solutions for these problems. 


  • Old roofing materials

There’s a time limit to the use of all materials for roofing. Increased repairing costs and times may be required after a specific age limit has reached. The materials on roofs expand and contract as they are subjected to various temperatures. This may lead to cracks in the roof. The Ultraviolet rays from the sun pierce through the roofing material and easy to break. Hence, leaks are expected after the life expectancy is over.


  • Missing shingles

If any of the shingles in roof goes missing, it should immediately be replaced. They are easy to replace and has to be done only once. The nails have to be removed from the course beneath, and the new shingle is pushed until it fits appropriately. The new flashing can be nailed then to secure it in the spot. There may be a colour change after replacement of shingle. This is due to the weathering of previous shingles over the years. 


  • A damaged chimney

Almost all the chimneys are made of bricks and mortar bond them together. When chimney exposed to harsh weathers, mortar easily to get erodes and, although they last for a lot of years, water may be able to leak from the joints. Patches can be repaired on the joints to stop the leaks. 


A compromised flashing

A piece of metal, known as flashing, is fixed on the roof’s dangerous points to stop leaking. For example, the chimney and roof materials are joined at a perfect 90 degrees angle using flashing. Water may seep through if the joint is not sealed correctly. 

Poor installation is another problem. The flashing may crack and rust with time goes by, it is necessary to replace a new flashing. 


Faulty vent boot

The vent pipes made of plastic are covered by vent boot. The joining point of pipe and roof is protected from water with vent boots. The boots vent made of a lot of materials like rubber, metal, and plastic. Over time, the materials often degrade when exposed to heat and sun for a long time and it can shrink or split.

This leaves a crack in the seal and an opening for water to enter your roof. In extreme cases, degraded vent pipe boots can leave gaping holes in your roof. 

The solution generally is to replace a new vent boot and  carelly caulk around the vent flashing.



Holes in the roof

A lot of things may lead to punctures in the roof. Misplaced nails may lead to small holes in the roof. Until inspection, they’re hard to notice. Instead of caulking, they can be fixed by nailing some flashing below the shingles.  


Poor sealing

Complicated roof structure is the reason for roof leaking. The slopes and valleys may make your look unique, but they come with their drawbacks. These can’t be dealt with quickly and may cause the most water damage so make sure seal your house very carefully. The roofing team of your home must be chosen carefully so that the maintenance cost isn’t too much. 

Ice dams when it snows

There are two ways snow may lead to your roof being compromised. If the snow wasn’t designed to slide away from the roof, it might pile up. This may accumulate excessive weight and lead to water seep through shingles. Suitable materials should be chosen carefully for your roofing system: ice and water shield, proper ventilation, enough attic insulation. This accessories can effectively prevent ice dams and stop leaking because of ice dams further.


Clogged gutters

If not appropriately maintained, clogging of gutters is a typical problem. They’re easy to handle, and expensive fixing of water leaks can be solved from these. Gutters are planned such that they drain water away from the roof’s foundations. Water flow can be kept consistent, and debris can be prevented if the gutters are cleaned professionally. 

skylights leaking

Skylights are essential and quickly change your room’s look with their presence. However, it also lead to leaks in the roof. Water damage may increase by the worn-out seals of rubber. Inspect the skylight’s sides regularly. we general have following solutions: 

  • Seal any holes or gaps in the flashing by using a roofing cement.
  • Usually, there are leaks around the skylight lens, which can be sealed through applying 100% silicone caulking (tube).
  • For skylight maintenance, it is best to replace or repair metal flashing around the frame.


An appropriate pitch is essential for its installation. Contact a professional roofing contractor immediately if you spot any cracks. They will fix them using shingle and flashing where needed. 


Not whole of your roof has to be replaced because of moisture problems. Any damage by moisture can be prevented if noticed at the right time. To prevent leaks, call over a professional roofer to inspect your roof. Don’t ignore the smallest of leaks in your home. Immediately contact a roofer to identify and fix your problem.