Effective ways to maintain and protect your roof

Mostly the maintenance of roofing is overlooked because there are things that do not impart any significant impact. People often ask that how they can maintain their roofs especially if they cannot consider the important things on regular basis.
It is significant to know that there is no need of rafters in order to keep your roof maintained and protected, all you need is a simple stepladder and just a little effort. You can get the proper guidelines regarding maintenance and protection of roof by visiting Timberwolves Roofing and Exterior instructions and you can analyze the condition of your roof periodically.
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It is very easy to maintain your Timberwolves Roofs. Utilizing high quality resources and skilled workmanship indicates that your efforts are at low point. By booking appointments with Timberwolves Roofing & Exterior, you will get an opportunity to have a warranty of 10 years, free appointments and high quality work. Our services ensure that there will be no need of periodic maintenance for a quite long duration.

Common Tips for maintaining your Roof:

Clean the eavestrough regularly:
There is massive debris and dust in the environment in almost every season, this dust can accumulate in the gutters and block the system. It’s essential to check your gutters periodically and ensure that there is no deposition of dust in the gutters. Blockage free eavestrough are essential for the quality maintenance of roofs. The blockage of these gutters can damage the whole building, therefore it’s necessary to keep these gutters clean and water can flow smoothly in these gutters.
The rotting of roof deck/plywood due to blockage of gutters can be prevented easily. You can simply avoid this by regular checking of gutters by stepping on ladder and if there is any debris in gutter then hire any gutter cleaner and ask his services to remove every sort of blockage. For avoiding further blockage you can trim the trees on back also and do consider the trimming of landscape.
The trees surrounding your house may increase the pleasing charm of house view but it also leads to several problems. In autumn season, there is continuous leaves fall that may take the leaves in gutters and ultimately blocked them. Strong storms also lead to break the branches of trees and it can damage the roof of your building. Moreover, if these debris and leaves are not cleaned on time then it provide an access to insects and squirrels into house.
Therefore, it is suggested to trim the trees up to several feet if they are surrounding the house or are close to the roof so that extreme weather conditions do not result in the damage of your property. Moreover, you must ensure that tree limbs or leaves are not affecting the working efficiency of gutters and that gutters are flowing off water freely.

Tips for maintaining your roof seasonally
The tips for roof maintenance can be followed round the year. However there are some special tips regarding protection of roof seasonally.
Properly clean the gutters before autumn because there is an immense need of paying attention to the gutters in this season. The leaves continually fall round the season and may deposit in the gutters thus leading to blockage. If gutters are not cleaned on time then water may come into the house and damage the foundations. The on-time cleaning of gutters will save you from huge damage. To ensure an efficient cleaning of gutter try to wash everything with a pipe and then wash it with hot water and liquid soap, so that every sort of dirt particles are washed out.
Clean your roof and wipe out all the snow because deposition of snow on roof for a long time can result in serious problems. Especially if the building is too old, then loads of snow may even results in the collapsing of roof.
Try to remove the snow carefully with the help of snow rake. By removing the snow from the roof, you will lower down the weight on roof and protect your roof from collapsing.
Similar to the autumn, there are fallen leaves, seeds and stems from the trees and they can accumulate in the gutters. It is suggested to wash out the debris from your gutters frequently in springs too, so that the gutters do not have any problems of blockage.
This season is also harsh for the roofs and can result in cracks or shrinkage of shingles. The extreme hot temperature and storms may often result in worst conditions i.e. tearing of roof. Although the service of Timberwolves Roofing & Exteriors are considered to be strongest and most durable, but the summer storms and hurricanes can even deteriorate these roofs.
By evaluating your building in a short span, you can observe the missing shingles. You can also call any professional in order to inspect your building and analyze what type maintenance is required and this on-time evaluation may save you from bigger damage.
If you are looking for someone to inspect your roof, we do provide free inspection. it’s been too long since your roof was built up, then there is a time for replacement. The Timberwolves Roofing & Exterior provide you a warranty of 10 years of their services. You can contact us at 647-572-6638 and can also online visit as and get a free-estimate for your building.