Snow & ice dam removal

Winter roofing service
Snow & ice dam removal

If you are looking for an answer to your problems relating to rough and snowy Ontario winters, we are to help you! We offer various roofing services to keep your home safe throughout the winter season.

We have a team of roofer who are professional, with more than 20 years experience, provide high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

Our service covers roof snow and roof ice damage removal for residential and commercial property throughout the winter. Our experienced and professional workers ensure that heavy snow from your roof is removed without causing any damage to the roof structure.

Why Snow Removal?

Most homes do not need snow removal if the snow on the roof is Light and fluffy and does not cause any harm; however, heavy and excessive snow needs to be removed before it causes any damage.

Here are some of the convincing reasons for snow removal:

  • In the event of Heavy snow (mixed with sleet or ice) Structural damage to the building may happen or in worst case scenario your roof may collapse because of the pressure it puts on the roof.
  • Heavy snow on the roof can create ice dams that may degrades flashing and sealants and allows water to leak, and cause eavestrough strain.

Snow Removal Process

We have all the tools and equipment required coupled with professional experience to
quickly, effectively, and safely remove snow from your roof. On case by case basis, our
team sometimes would salt your roof to avoid further snow buildup.We employ the process to manually remove the snow from your roof using tools such as shovels.

It is strongly advised that Ice dams should be regularly checked; otherwise, it can damage your roof, walls, ceiling, and insulation.

Ice dams are the result of snow melting (because of warm air near the roof), runs down the roof, and then refreezes on the roof edge. Further snow accumulation on this spot forces water under your roof shingles and underlayment.

Snow Removal Process

1. Add Attic insulation or apply spray form insulation in attic:
You could be creating ice dams because of heat loss through your roof. We examine your attic’s insulation and offer additional insulation if needed.
2. Upgrade roof ventilation:
You may experience warm air build up in your roof and attic if they are not properly ventilated. We offer you ventilation recommendations as well as install vents if required.
3. Remove snow and ice damage removal from your roof:
When snow is piled up of your roof, it becomes an insulator making the air at the bottom warm where your roof lies. We offer you the best and professional services for effectively removing snow to prevent ice dams before they happen hence protecting your roof’s structural integrity.

Ice Dam Removal Services We Offer

We certainly possess necessary tools and equipment coupled with safety training and experience required for winter ice dams removal from residential roofs. Our experienced and well-trained contractors ensure better customer experience by not causing any damage to your roof during the ice removal process.

Our services are available for our customers throughout the winter, including emergency roofing repairs, roof snow removal, and ice dam removal. Sometimes if need be, we may salt your roof to avoid further ice buildup or destroy existing ice dams. We carefully choose salt for their benefits and effectiveness.

Winter salt

We provide roof snow removal and ice damage remover in winter, we carefully choose best quality winter salt to apply on the rooftop, preventing the further refreeze and snow accumulation. The winter salt we use melts in -12°C to -31°C, depending on the winter weather condition, it is fast acting, less corrosive to shingles and plants. And we specially use Windsor/Morton Safe-T-Pet, which made with propylene and urea to prevent pet’s paws and stomachs from irritation.

Roof leak in winter

Our professional roofing contractors will inspect the problem and perform the necessary repairs. We have experience of over 20 years with different types of roofing materials. We are experts in stopping roof leaks and further damage prevention to the interior and exterior of your home.

Our Advantages

  • Customer cared and professional service
  • Best workmanship
  • Prompt warranty service and emergency service
  • Fully insured & bonded

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