Why my roof leaks while no rains

What is water condensation? Condensation is where moisture air changes from a gas into liquid happened mostly in the winter and springtime when indoor and outdoor temperature difference is big. This is because moisturized warm than cold air contact with colder air causing condensation to occur.


Condensation is probably the leading cause of damp in Canadian homes, but many homeowners are unaware that they are contributing to the problem simply by living their lives. What damage can condensation cause?


  • 1Rust
  • 2Water marks on the ceiling and wall or bubbling water on the ceiling
  • 3Water or drip marks scattered on the attic floor 1.
  • 4Mold and Damp in the rafter and beams roofing plywood board o
  • 5Moist or wet insulation

The above situation happened in a cold tempter winter and there are no raining and snow melting, especially after heavy use of bath cooking or dryer


What Causes Attic Condensation?

  • Poorly insulated attic insulation insufficient air ventilation(not enough air vents or soffit)
  • Improperly installed bathroom and dryer exhaust venting pipe that exhaust is let out into the attic without connecting to the vents, venting pipe are not thermal insulating.

The actions the house owner can take to prevent water condensation and dampness in the attic.


  • Eliminate or reduce air leakage into the attic generally vapor barrier is built on the attic floor.
  • Improve attic insulation to newest building Code R60
  • Improve attic ventilation turbine or turtle vents
  • Ensure bathroom & dryer vents are routed outside and insulated.

A dehumidifier could deal with an emergency when you can’t improve this situation in a short period of time, but understand that the house owner should be emptying it multiple times a day until a roofer comes to do an inspection and implement the aforementioned solutions.